The Island – a fun writing activity to practise linking words

Level:B1/B2, Age: Teenagers, Time: 45-55 minutes

This is a great activity from the old edition of Face2Face Intermediate for imaginative PET/FCE groups that enjoy writing stories but need help with linking words/expressions and narrative tenses. The students should have done some controlled work on these in previous classes before doing this freer activity.



1 Print/Photocopy the activity sheet and give one to each student.

2 Read through the introduction and 18 incomplete sentences with the students to clear up any vocabulary problems.

3 Put the students into pairs or small groups and tell them to complete the sentences using correct grammatical forms and interesting vocabulary.

4 When they finish the 18 sentences, ask them to write a 19th, describing what happened to the family and why they never arrived at their destination.

5 Tell the pairs/groups to exchange their stories and correct any errors they see.

6 Finally, they should give the stories back and each pair/group should read out their own story for general enjoyment and feedback.

Have fun with the activity!


by Judy Graham-Scott